VR Panorama viewing guide

23:10:09 Our panorama viewer update is now complete, all panoramas on the site now use JAVA, most use the Pureplayer viewer and a very few use PTViewer.

If you cannot view the panoramas on our website the most likely cause is that JAVA is not installed on your computer. To check if you have JAVA installed, and to download a free copy if you have not, go to Java.com

If you have JAVA and still cannot view our panoramas in Internet Explorer, it may have been turned off in the browser, here is a Microsoft page that shows you how to reactivate it.

Our VR panoramas should be viewable on any platform with a Java-enabled browser, so Mac, Unix and Linux users are all catered for, all you need is to have JAVA installed.

Viewer Controls 
Panoramas can be zoomed in and out using the zoom controls at the bottom of the panorama window. Panoramas are panned by simply left clicking in the image window and dragging.  In our PurePlayer panorama viewer, clicking the Fullscreen button on the toolbar toggles fullscreen view, there is also a return arrow icon in the top right of the fullscreen window to return to windowed view, or you can press Esc.

The older PTViewer panorama tours are windowed view only, this viewer cannot display fullscreen.

Size Versus Quality
Our site is about ten years old now, and many of the panoramas were put up when modems were the standard mode of internet access, consequently we limited panorama file sizes to 350kB.  Because of this limitation, the older panoramas (unfortunately now the majority), will not have the resolution of our newer offerings, and as screen resolutions of 1024, 1280 and even 1600 are now common, the old panos will look a little blocky on modern screens.

We try to keep aware of new developments in panorama viewers and will no doubt be switching to better viewers in the future