Crawberry Hill

Stone Circle - Northumberland

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Rock Art?

NY 88086 56331 (GPS 27min). Dia. 8.8 x 8.7m (Meas).
Visited June 2002 No magnetic anomalies

Crawberry Hill circle hides away on Hexhamshire Common about 4km east of Allendale Town. The circle is not marked on the 1:50,000 OS map, and the small size of the stones makes it very difficult to find the ring when the heather is high. GPS is recommended for this one!
The ring measured 8.7m NW-SE, 8.8m SW-NE,  and we counted eight stones remaining with a large gap in the SE quadrant. As mentioned above, the stones are all small, most barely peeping above the all-pervasive heather. The tallest stone stands at the north and measures 0.6m high, about 2.5m NNW of this stone we found another very small stone protruding from the ground, but completely submerged in the heather. The stone seemed loose and we were not sure if it was associated with the circle.
The upper surface of the circle stone at the NE bears three deep, roughly parallel slots, these were all about 1.5cm x 6cm. Although unlike any rock art we have encountered so far, they seemed to be quite defined, and of an unusual shape to be simple solution pits.

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