Iron Hill North and South

Stone Circles - Westmorland

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S. NY 59644 14766 (GPS 138min) S. Site Diameter 5.9m x 5.7m (Meas.)
Visited May 2000 No magnetic anomalies

The Iron Hill circles stand on the fells 2 km west of Crosby Ravensworth with excellent views over the surrounding countryside.  Both circles seem to have contained cairns, most of that occupying the southern circle has gone, but a substantial mound still fills the northern circle. 
The southern circle, pictured above, is a ring of eight stones enclosing three smaller stones, a large stone lies just outside the circle at the NNE, this could be a displaced circle stone. All of the stones are fallen and are of red granite, except one at the SW which is a grey coloured stone. The largest stone lies at the NNE and is 1.67m long, all of the stones appear to be lying loosely on the ground, and the site is obviously much disturbed
64m north of the southern circle is the second ring, partially surrounding a conspicuous mound, it is now unfortunately bisected by a drystone wall. A semicircle of red granite kerbs exists on the south side of the wall, but all of the stones on the north side have gone. We counted nine stones, with a tenth embedded in the wall at the west, the stones may be size graded to the west. It was impossible to measure a diameter as there was not a full half circle, and the wall may not have exactly halved the original ring, Burl quotes measurements of 14.4m x 11.5m. 

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