Stone Circles & Rows - Devon

Whole site in square SX 64 77  Visited June 2000 Click on feature to select

The site at Lakehead is a sprawling complex of stone rows, circles, and cists. It is situated just south of the settlement at Kraps Ring, hemmed in on either side by a conifer plantation.
We arrived at Lakehead just as the sun was setting, between then and the time it became too dark for photography, we found four stone circles, three cists and two stone rows. There are at least  two other cists and a (possibly fake) stone row at the site, but we had to leave while we could still see our way out!
Now so well manicured, and with such small stones, we suspect that many of the monuments at Lakehead have been the subject of extensive restoration.
We have diameter measurements for one of the circles only, the notebook page with the other diameters was subsequently lost at Soussons during frenzied swatting at the clouds of demon flies attacking us there.

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