Le Dehus

Large bell-shaped beaker.

This heavily restored beaker stands 19cm tall and has seven bands of stamped decoration encircling
the main body, with an additional fine double row of impressions just below the rim. Although not visible
in the above photo, its base is slightly concave. Note the Lukis series number (CXXVIII)  written
 just  under the rim.

The find areas for this beaker are somewhat unusual. The base was discovered at he top of the contents
of side chamber A (mid-northern chamber) just under the cap stone, the remainder of the beaker was found
in the main chamber, one section near the base of the central pillar, and the remainder beneath the fallen section
of the second roofstone (the one bearing carved decoration). Several other vessels also had sections found both
 in side chamber A and the main chamber, it is not known if this distribution of fragments was deliberate, or merely
the result of them being present in the fill material.

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