La Hougue Bie

View west from between the lateral chambers c1924.

This image shows the "sanctuary" area framed by the two jamb stones, the large upright slab screening the terminal chamber
stands in the centre of the shot, and the two lateral chambers are partially visible far left and right. The large granite roof support
pillar now present in the chamber would stand mid left of shot.
It is interesting that although the two slabs (33 and 39) that lay in front of each lateral chamber have been removed from the
chamber floor,  slab33 has not yet been installed as the sanctuary floor sill stone.

This image is taken from an old postcard and the only information is that written on the image itself, so we do not know the
date the photo was taken; as the chamber floor has been cleared, it was obviously taken some time after the other postcard
photo we were able to find.