Stone Circle - County Fermanagh

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H 20089 70727 (GPS 50min) . Diameter 13.1 x 12.8m (meas).
Visited June 2002 No magnetic anomalies.

Drumskinny is a megalithic mini-complex, a kind of miniaturised Beaghmore. There is a stone circle, a well made kerbed cairn, and a stone row, all crammed within a small area.
The circle is composed of close-set stones of varying heights, with no particular grading being apparent, the tallest stone is 1.5m high and stands at the SSE. Originally composed of 39 stones, we counted 39 standing today, but seven are replacements with the letters "MOF" carved into their tops. The circle is said to have an entrance gap at the NW, but we noticed identical gaps at the NE and SW. If the stones standing today (original and replacement), are in the original positions, this must put the single entrance theory in doubt. One of the claims for the NW gap being an entrance is that it is aligned with the kerbed cairn to the NW of the circle, this alignment is poor, as shown in this photo.
The cairn is 3.75m (meas.) in diameter, and its centre is 3m NW of the circle edge. Excavation revealed an ellipse of small standing stones at the cairn centre. Running southwards from the cairn, and tangential to the circle, is a row of small stones about 15m long. Originally of 24 stones, we counted 23 standing today, 5 of them bearing the "MOF" inscription.
Excavation of the site produced few finds, a hollow-scraper and a few worked flints were found under and around the cairn, whilst a sherd of Western Neolithic ware was found on the old ground surface near a circle stone at the east. There was no evidence of burial or funerary activity in the cairn or anywhere else at the site.
The complex has been well restored and is easily accessible, it is a very pleasant site to visit. 

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