Stone Circle(s) - County Mayo

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G 19204 33475 (GPS 5min). Main circle. Diameter 18m (Meas.)
Visited June 2002 No magnetic anomalies

There are said to be two stone circles at the Rathfran site, one large diameter, and one small ring. The setting for both sites is very attractive with fine views over the Cloonaghmore River estuary and Killala Bay.

We measured the diameter of the large circle at 18m and counted 16 stones remaining with 7 standing. Many of the stones are large blocks up to 1.5m high, but several were much smaller and partly buried. The best preserved arc is SW to E, but there are obviously stones missing even here. Rathfran is an embanked circle, the stones being set in low circular bank which gives the circle interior a slightly dished appearance. 

The smaller ring is about 50m SW of the large ring at G 19159 33427 (GPS 12min.), a field fence divides the two sites. The second site has a ring of eight largish stones which are either partly buried, or are lying loose on the surface, four stones lie in an arc at the south. There is a considerable mound within the ring of stones and we think that this site is probably either a cairn with exposed and disturbed kerbs, or a simple pile of field clearance stones.

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