Recumbent Stone Circle - Aberdeenshire

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NJ53165 45632 (GPS 28min) Diameter (see text)
Visited July 1999 No magnetic anomalies

The only stone standing at Arnhill is the recumbent, this is estimated to weigh16 tons and rests on several small stones. Four other reasonably large stones lie fallen, and what looks like the mound and central stones of a ring cairn are visible. This site has obviously been seriously disturbed, and it is doubtful if any of the stones are in their original locations. Published diameters for Arnhill  are around 18m, we measured a 6m radius from centre of the "ring cairn" to the recumbent. A series of  curved lines is carved on the recumbent, and the stone nearest to the east has four modern drill holes in it.

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