Balquhain - Rock Art - South West Stone

The outer face of the south western stone.
This is the third most highly decorated stone to be found in any RSC.
Some of the cups had been highlighted by previous visitors using what we think is the local brown earth but may be chalk.
The illustrators missed quite a few cups however, and we have ringed the extra ones we spotted. We found a total of 22 cups,
not as good as Ritchie's 1917 count  below, but once again the dreaded lichen growth proved to be excellent camouflage
 for the shallower indentations. As is usual for cupmarked stones in RSCs, the situation of this stone has astronomical
 significance being aligned to the minor moonset (5).

Ritchie's photo (6) of the SW stone.
A grand total of 24 cups are visible in this photo, Ritchie seems to have marked them in some way to make
them more visible. The field seems to be given over to pasture at the time of the photo and it is likely that
livestock using the stone as a rubbing post will have kept the surface lichen growth down.

The lower group of cups on the SW stone.
The two extra cups we spotted in this area are ringed and the depressions themselves are only just visible in this photo
due to the dreaded lichen.


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