Killin - Antiquarian Illustrations

Fred Coles   

Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 44, p.130-3, 1909-10.


Fred's plan of the circle.
We assume that the compass on Fred's plan is set to the magnetic north of the time as it is around 6 degrees west of true north.
Fred has tried to map the stones to a circle when an ellipse would probably have been more appropriate. The situation is further
complicated by stone "A" which was re-erected some time after Fred's visit and now stands outside of Fred's circle in a location
hinted at by the dotted lines above. The other stone positions however, are in good agreement with Thom's
(4) later plan.

View from the SSW.
Fred's has this view captioned as being from the SE, but this is wrong.

View from the WNW.
Fred has made another uncharacteristic error with his caption for this view, supposedly a view from the SW, the
ring is actually seen from the WNW.

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