Barclodiad y Gawres - Rock Art

New Rock Art Discovery!
We have discovered and photographed previously unknown rock art on stone 7 (shown purple in the diagram above) click on it for more details.

The locations of the carved stones that we found during our visit are shown above in red, click on a stone for high resolution photos of its carvings. 
Some of the carvings here have a strange "surface colour" effect, looking as though they have been airbrushed over with a coloured glaze. Because of this, we show some of the carved areas lit with diffuse light as well as the more usual low angle illumination. 
 Some of the stones have large areas of the decoration, so we offer two image sizes for these - large and humungous. Be warned that several of the humungous images are over 1000 pixels vertically. Depending upon your screen resolution you may need to scroll to see all of them.

 The stone numbering sequence used in the photo captions is that adopted by Powell and Daniel in their account of the excavation of the chamber in 1952-3 (1).

1) Powell T.G.E. & Daniel G.E., Barclodiad y Gawres: The Excavation of a Megalithic Tomb in Anglesey, 1956, Oxford University Press.

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