Cors y Carneddau - Cairn 1 

Cairn - Gwynedd

Larger Pic

SH 71727 74723 (GPS 10min) Diameter approx. 15m (paced!)
Visited August 2001

We only noticed this cairn when Keith tripped over it on the way back from Cairn 2, unfortunately he had used up all of his film, so this is the only photo we have (click "larger pic" above, for more detail). This cairn was about 15m in diameter with 5 large kerbs visible in an arc NW to E. The kerbs lay on their long axes and were regularly and widely separated. The interior of the cairn showed several areas where the small boulders that comprise the cairn material were exposed. On the northern side of the cairn a semicircular area of flattened ground projected out from the line of the kerbs about 6m, the vegetation here looked different to the surroundings.

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