Cors y Carneddau - Cairn 2

Kerb Cairn - Gwynedd

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SH 71693 74766 (GPS 13min) Diameter approx. 4m 
Visited August 2001

This is the cairn that we mistook for the Cors y Carneddau stone circle, it looked so prominent when viewed from Circle 278, 0.5km away, we think that we can be forgiven for the error. As soon as Keith got close enough to gauge its size, he realised that this was not the stone circle, which is reported to be16m in diameter.
The cairn has eight kerbs remaining and these are fairy contiguous in the eastern N-S arc, we estimate the diameter of the cairn at 4m. The interior of the cairn was raised slightly and was uneven, hinting at the presence of remaining cairn material.

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