Stone Circle - County Tyrone

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H 20881 74235 (GPS 10min.) Diameter 18.2m (Pub.)
Visited June 2002

Scraghy lies in a field only 4km NNE of the more famous ring at Drumskinny.  Also known as the "Druid's Circle" Scraghy has suffered somewhat at the hands of time. A large ditch cuts through the southern arc of the circle, with at least two of the circle stones being displaced by this. A shallower ditch seemed to follow the circle circumference around the western arc, this can be seen in the above photo. The encirclement gives the circle the appearance of having its own platform.
We counted eight largish stones, although some of these had obviously been moved from their original positions. There were also several smaller stones lying half buried, whether these were also originally part of the circle, we could not tell.
A few metres to the east of the circle, across a track, was a jumble of large stones. The stones seemed to be distributed along an east-west axis aligned with the circle, but many were loose, fallen, or recently disturbed. We wondered if they may be the remains of a stone row or alignment, as the one upright stone is aligned toward the circle. Burl mentions stones to the south of the ring which may be the remains of a concentric circle. We could find nothing to the south, so perhaps these stones at the east are what he was referring to. If this was a circle, it either had a very small diameter, or the stones have been dragged into the jumble we see today.

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