Camster Round - Antiquarian Illustrations


Joseph Anderson

Proceedings of the Society of Antiquaries of Scotland, 6, p.442-51,1866.*

This is Anderson's plan drawing of the Camster Round. It is interesting to note the near circular margin of the
cairn, at this time the monument was though to be a round cairn, which it certainly resembled in this state. Note the
that only a small section of the facade has been exposed either side of the entrance.
One strange feature is Anderson's rendition of the opposing upright stones set into the passage walls, four pairs are
shown in this diagram, whereas only three exist today. Additionally, the front pair of uprights is shown exactly opposite
each other, whereas their settings are staggered by almost half a metre in the monument today.


Anderson's section above also shows four upright stones set into the south wall of the passage. an unusual error in such a reasonably detailed
diagram. It is interesting to speculate that the outer section of the passage may have undergone some changes since his time.

* Anderson cites these illustrations as originally appearing in Anderson J., Memoirs of the Anthropological Society of London, 2, p.226-56, 1866.
They are not identical copies as several modifications have been made.


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