Bryn Celli Ddu - More Pics

           Click on the small photos below for a high resolution picture (average size 65Kb).

Bryn Celli Ddu - High angle view from the ENE.

High angle view from the SE.

 High angle view of the site from the WSW.

 The rear of the chamber, carved stone, and "ritual pit" area.

Double row of kerbs on south side of entrance.

 Ground level view from ENE.

The beginning of the entrance passage.

The start of the roofed passage section.

Chamber entrance from midway down the passage.

Chamber interior from the SW.

The standing stone form the SE.

 Looking along the passage from chamber entrance.

Front section of the passage.

 Stone niches in the south wall of the passage.

 The displaced standing stone from the passage wall.

Small standing stone in its niche. 

Carved stone and outlier from inside chamber.

Carved stone and outlier from the mound top.

Close up of the distant standing stone.

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