Balquhain  - More Pics

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Balquhain from the north


View south over the recumbent 1987


The quartz outlier and white granite recumbent 1987



Balquhain from the west. Looking down on the southern circle arc. A distant view from the south.
The SW quadrant of the circle and the outlier. View from the WNW. The circle and outlier from the SE.
The flat outer face of the recumbent. The recumbent and flankers from the east. The inner face of the recumbent.
The inner face of the west flanker.   Quartz inclusion in west falnker.   Western face of west flanker.   The fallen eastern flanker.  
The cup-marked SE stone.   Inner face of the SE stone.   Outer face of NW stone.   Inner face of NW stone.  
The outlier and SE stone.   The business end of the outlier.   The non-business end of the outlier.   Loose stone at north of circle.
    Fallen stone at ESE and outlier.


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